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About Us

Hi, I'm Marquita Chanel, founder and CEO of the L'Vena Collection. 

My purpose in creating the L'Vena Collection is to empower women— to give them confidence and make them feel absolutely beautiful. The collection is named after my late sister, LaVena Gates, who is the inspiration behind a lot of work that I do. L'Vena Collection started as a handcrafted jewelry business. Over time it expanded to curated statement clothing, reworked vintage, and custom furs!  My mantra is that it's not about dressing to impress, it's about dressing the way you want to be addressed.

L'Vena Collection includes high-end exclusive statement pieces that I source or handcraft myself. My mission is to elevate a woman's outfit and confidence through exclusive pieces— to provide effortless glamour that will let everyone know that you are fashion forward.


My goal is not to transform you completely, but to accentuate your natural beauty. I've always believed that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself! 

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